free1 [ fri ] adjective ***
▸ 1 not costing anything
▸ 2 not prisoner/slave/held
▸ 3 not tied/fixed
▸ 4 available for something
▸ 5 not limited by rules
▸ 6 not affected by something bad
▸ 7 when you talk/give a lot
▸ 8 time with no work to do
▸ 9 in science
1. ) something that is free does not cost anything:
All talks start at 2:30 p.m. and admission is free.
There is plenty of free parking.
free to/for: The swimming pool is free to hotel guests.
free gift: You can claim your free gift with your first order.
2. ) not a prisoner or a SLAVE:
He will soon be a free man again.
set someone/something free: He opened the cage and set the eagle free.
3. ) not held, tied, or fixed to somewhere:
Hand me the free end of the rope.
With his free hand he carefully unfastened his belt.
get free: Sally struggled to get free from the branches.
4. ) available to see someone, do something, or go somewhere:
I'm busy at the moment, but I'll be free this afternoon.
free for: Are you free for lunch?
a ) available for someone to use:
Is this seat free?
There are no free dressing rooms at the moment.
5. ) not limited or controlled by rules:
Officials want free access to all suspect nuclear sites.
People should have a free choice of lawyers.
free to do something: You are free to come and go as you please.
a ) allowed to decide for yourself what you do, say, or think, especially without being controlled by someone in authority:
a free people
a free country/society: We like to believe we live in a free society.
free speech: We'll defend their right to free speech.
a free election: the first free elections in Germany since 1946
6. ) free from/of not containing or involving something unpleasant:
We want to give all children a world free from violence.
It was a relaxing atmosphere, free of tension.
7. ) free with if you are free with your opinions or comments, you say so much that it annoys other people
a ) if you are free with something, especially money, you spend or give a lot of it:
He's never been particularly free with his cash.
8. ) free time is time when you do not have any work to do, so you can do whatever you want: SPARE:
Do you have any free time this weekend?
I'll keep a day free next week for our meeting.
9. ) SCIENCE not combined with another substance, or not attached to anything else:
free radicals
free and clear
without any limits or conditions
free and easy
relaxed and pleasant
(there's no such thing as) a free lunch MAINLY SPOKEN
used for saying that even if something seems to not cost anything, there is usually a hidden cost or obligation
make free with something BRITISH
to use something that does not belong to you as though it does belong to you
=> FEEL1
free 2 [ fri ] verb transitive **
1. ) to let someone leave a prison or a place where they have been forced to stay: RELEASE:
Amnesty International works to free political prisoners.
The hostages were freed unharmed.
a ) to help someone get out of a place:
Rescuers managed to free the trapped climbers.
free someone/something from something: They helped free the injured driver from the wreckage.
2. ) to remove something unpleasant that affects someone or limits their behavior:
free someone/something from something: Morphine was given to free her from pain.
free someone/something of something: He is to be freed of direct responsibility for his staff.
3. ) free or free up to make someone or something available to be used for something else:
By scrapping this scheme, the government has freed vital resources.
free someone/something for something: We need to free more police officers for street duties.
free someone/something to do something: A classroom assistant frees teachers to concentrate on teaching.
,free `up phrasal verb transitive
same as FREE 2 3:
We can probably free up $20,000 for new computer equipment.
free 3 [ fri ] adverb
1. ) without paying any money:
We got in free.
do something for free: You can't get anything for free in this world.
free of charge: Children can stay free of charge.
2. ) out of a fixed position or out of a place where you are being kept:
I wriggled one hand free from his grasp.
break free: Their prisoner suddenly broke free and ran towards the car.
3. ) without being controlled or stopped:
dogs running free
go/walk free (=not be put in prison): She is appalled that her kidnappers have walked free.

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.


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